Republican Governors Decide Medicaid Expansion Helps their Budget Woes

Oklahoma is one of the reddest of the red states.  Republicans hold every state office and control the state legislature.   It is also one of 19 states that turned down federal funds that would have allowed the expansion of Medicaid.

But, according to a story reported today by AP, the governor and other Republican leaders are turning to Medicaid funds to help them address a $1.3 billion budget deficit and a failing health care system.  They are not alone in their revisionism about the benefits of taking money from the federal government for health care.  Families USA reported that Republican governors in 10 states support Medicaid expansion.

A recently elected Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards (D) vowed to accept the money, which will help address the state’s severe budgetary problems and provide health care to 300,000 low-income state residents.  He said, “This is not a left versus right thing.  This is right versus wrong.”





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