House Passes Mental Health Bill 422-2. Tell Ron Johnson to Act

At long last, momentum is building for mental health reform.  The House of Representatives passed a comprehensive bill that has gone to the Senate for action.  Doubtless the act would be signed by this president.  Sen. Ron Johnson is in a mood to listen to constituents.  Tell him to support the Mental Health Reform Act (S2684).  Here is his email form.


Clinton Proposes Comprehensive Plan for Mental Health Reform

Hillary Clinton appears to be getting good advice about reform of the mental health system.  Her recently announced plan includes ideas long advocated by those most familiar with the system’s problems.  Read the full plan here.

Clinton proposes funds for early diagnosis and treatment; better integration of the physical and mental health care systems; enforcement of mental health parity, and providing treatment instead of jail whenever possible. She plans to hold a White House Conference on Mental Health during the first year of her presidency.