How Would the Republican and Democratic Nominees Bring about Mental Health Care Reform?

Republican nominee Donald Trump, according to his campaign website, believes that reform is necessary and families need tools to help them with the mental health problems of their loved ones.  He offers few specific proposals except for increased funding to provide services for veterans with PTSD and for suicide prevention.

Trump’s primary goal in terms of health care is repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act, which he would replace with an unspecified improved program.  He proposes making Medicaid a block grant program to offer states greater flexibility in allocating funds by eliminating mandated services.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would host a White House Conference on Mental Health during the first year of her presidency.  Her 12-page plan calls for better enforcement of parity regulations, integration of treatment systems for physical and mental health, improved efforts at early diagnosis and supports for college students, and alternatives to jail whenever possible for those with mental illness.  She would also fund an expansion of community-based housing and employment programs.

Click here for an article with more detail on these proposals.  Clinton’s full plan appears on this blog in the category federal mental health legislation.


2 thoughts on “How Would the Republican and Democratic Nominees Bring about Mental Health Care Reform?

  1. Good blog. Curious what comments it will elicit. Walked by Trump Tower today and there were several anti-Hillary protesters of various races and lots of police moving people along. We did not go in but I assume they have a security apparatus in place inside.



  2. At least no one can say voters don’t have a choice. The differences are stark. Trump has no plan for mh reform; Clinton has a multi-faceted plan that echoes what advocates and professionals say. Stein wants more government involvement; Johnson wants none.


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