What Will Happen to Long-term Care as Wisconsin’s Population Ages?

Wisconsin Health News offers monthly luncheons with terrific speakers.  The May 2 event features the escalating problem of financing long-term care for an aging population.  Here is WHN’s description of the event.

“Wisconsin’s population is aging and healthcare care costs for the elderly and those needing long-term care are growing along with it. Gov. Walker’s budget increases Medicaid reimbursement for nursing homes and provides more money for direct care workers. Is it enough to address workforce shortages? And what’s next for Family Care? After pulling back its plans to overhaul the program, the administration is pushing forward with a statewide expansion. Will they incorporate other proposed program changes?”

Lynn Breedlove, Co-Chair, Wisconsin Long Term Care Coalition
Curtis Cunningham, Assistant Administrator of Long-Term Care Benefits and Programs, Department of Health Services,
Tim Garrity, Chief Innovation Officer, Community Link
John Vander Meer, Executive Director, Wisconsin Health Care Association

The luncheon will take place on May 2 from 11:30 to 1:00 at the Madison Club, 5 E Wilson St., Madison.  Wisconsin Health News is a subscription service providing daily updates on health news and exclusive interviews.  The lunch is $30 for subscribers and $40 for non-subscribers.  Click here to register and to learn about WHN.


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