Problems Raised with SBH’s Proposal for a Psychiatric Hospital/Crisis Restoration Center

Middleton’s planning commission will host a public hearing on April 10 about the plans of Strategic Behavioral Health (SBH) to open a 72-bed psychiatric facility.  The city council has already endorsed the idea of providing $1.2 million in tax incremental financing to the for-profit company.

Through a review of public records, WSJ reporter David Wahlberg has uncovered a  number of violations by SBH in its operations in other states and nearby Green Bay.   Here are some of the most troublesome excerpts from his article.

“The Green Bay facility, called Willow Creek Behavioral Health, has had four medical directors, [since January 2017] and current and former employees say the facility is short-staffed. Aurora Health Care, which did medical exams at the hospital, terminated the contract this January.”

“After 10 youth escaped from Strategic Behavioral Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, on New Year’s Day, the state suspended admissions, issued a $20,000 fine and gave the psychiatric hospital an immediate jeopardy violation for failing to keep the facility secure.

The sanctions are among nine immediate jeopardy citations and other serious actions taken in recent years against psychiatric hospitals owned by Strategic Behavioral Health…”

“Immediate jeopardy “is the highest level of potential sanction, and it is not common,” said Mark Covall, CEO of the National Association of Behavioral Healthcare, which represents psychiatric hospitals and includes Strategic Behavioral Health as a member.

“But the real key is whether or not the hospital made the changes that were necessary to continue their license,” Covall said.”

Click here to read David Wahlberg’s article about the violations and responses of advocates, public officials, and health care experts.   Click here to read a description of the violations.

Click here to read an article in Isthmus about the problems with SBH.

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